Recently I had the opportunity to return to Starved Rock State Park, one of my favorite places to be in the world. Starved Rock is a park which has “18 canyons formed by glacial meltwater and stream erosion. They slice dramatically through tree-covered, sandstone bluffs for four miles at Starved Rock State Park, which is located along the south side of the Illinois River, one mile south of Utica and midway between the cities of LaSalle-Peru and Ottawa. The park is best known for its fascinating rock formations, primarily St. Peter sandstone, laid down in a huge shallow inland sea more than 425 million years ago and later brought to the surface.”

I hiked a bit, talked to folks fishing on the Illinois River (slow day but some catfish and white bass), visited the nature center, and enjoyed wonderful dancing and drumming at a Pow Wow happening at the park.

The Grandeur of God (as Gerard Manley Hopkins put it in his poem) never ceases to amaze me. The earth, including its people and creatures, is truly marvelous.

Here’s one of the canyons…