Garden of random plantsI've got 3 empty pots and one with Genovese basil seeds marinating in the soil. The lilac twig I planted last summer has leaves this summer, and the two bushes have doubled in size! There are a few unknown plants that have been welcome volunteers! And then there's the patch of 44 garlic plants -- my very first attempt at growing garlic! It is nearly time for the scapes to come up which will make for some tasty scape butter and other culinary delights!

What's in your garden, be it a little plot of land or containers on the window sill?

Garden of random plantsThere are so many treasures with gardening -- from the plants to the bugs, the prepping and the harvesting. It always seems like a great miracle when some little green sprig pops through the soil for the first time. And indeed it is a miracle! To go from seed to plant always amazes me! I garden because I want to be a witness to this new life -- and to celebrate the joy of fresh basil and garlic, blooms on mystery plants, and creatures that take cover in the branches and roots of this menagerie of beauty!

Why do you garden?