Lent—a deepened sense of service

Blog Published: April 2, 2020
By Sister Julie Myers, OSF

The world is full of unique individuals—people with very different personalities, interests, energies, and abilities. I believe that every individual was born with a purpose and particular vocation, yet I’ve not really figured out if we are to find our own vocation or if maybe it’s in search of us.

I don’t know about you but I’ve been struggling to give my attention to Lent—our weekly themes, the daily activities and the commitments I’ve made to grow closer and deeper in friendship with God. Yet the personal growth that the season of Lent summons from us is very much what the coronavirus demands from humanity. We are all being stretched beyond our comfort zones, forced in directions and behaviors we would normally not choose, and called to evaluate our way of life.

This week we draw attention to our Lenten theme of “Service” and never in our history has this word held so much meaning as it does for us today! The number of people holding occupations considered “essential” is eye-opening, and their commitment to humanity is truly inspiring. But even those of us whose occupation is non-essential, there are things we can and must do to help.

Clearly, we are people of service—to our neighbors, the needy, the ill, the elderly, family, church community, religious community, the hungry and the list goes on. Our attention and concerns are for others and doesn’t the heart of service call us to be other-centered?

One thing I am pretty certain of is that we all were made for service—to be for and give to our sisters and brothers. The art of service is finding the creative source of energy that drives the gifted ability out from our depths and into the world, we live and breathe.

How do you see the world changing because of the virus? How have your Lenten efforts changed because of the virus? There is much we can do for others even during these times of social distancing and sheltering in place. What does your Lenten promise stir up within you? How can you be of service to others this week?

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