Sister Paulette Skiba, BVM

June 4, 2020

“I didn’t want to just do this for one year or two years, I wanted it to be my life.”

Lent—a deepened sense of service

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This week we draw attention to our Lenten theme of “Service” and never in our history has this word held so much meaning as it does for us today!

Sister Ellen Coates, Novice

October 24, 2019

"I am becoming a Sister because I want to be more fully in service to God, and come to know God better."

Beyond The Habit - Episode 2: Serving Those Who Are Most In Need

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"I thought I had everything, but I had nothing before I discovered God."

Can I do nun-like ministry without being a nun?
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In this Random Nun Clip, a listener asks for ideas about being of service to others. Hear the full Ask Sister podcast AS197, with hosts Sister Maxine and Almost-Sister Jane.