Showing hospitality to others

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It doesn’t matter what we’ve done in our past, we can be worthy of Jesus’s healing.

Jesus' Healing

Service out of love, not worthiness

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A stranger in a strange land, Sister Scholastica struggled with her vocation until she experienced an epiphany.

Sr. Schola Mutua helps with food distribution at an evacuation center for refugees in the Philippines.

What is your advice for young adults considering a call?

Sister Angela Gertsema, ASCJ, discusses her thoughts and advice for young adults considering religious life.

Sister Paulette Skiba, BVM

“I didn’t want to just do this for one year or two years, I wanted it to be my life.”

Lent—a deepened sense of service

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This week we draw attention to our Lenten theme of “Service” and never in our history has this word held so much meaning as it does for us today!