Ninth Graders ask the Nuns

Blog Published: October 16, 2017
By Sister Maxine

Sister Joan Krajewski, OP, and Kate, a student at Regina Dominican High School, had the opportunity to chat about Sister Joan's calling to religious life. (Scroll down to watch the video of the interview!)

Kate: What made you want to become a nun?

Sister Joan: I think the joy that I saw in the group of Adrian Dominicans that I [now] belong to. That’s at Regina now, too—there’s a lot of joy. Sister Jean [Director of Mission Integration, Regina Dominican] has made sure it stays in that school. All that happening: the joy that was with nuns, and I loved the work they were doing, I loved how they were doing it, I loved how they loved each other.

Kate: It was so inviting.

Sister Joan: Inviting—you got it! That was the whole thing!

Kate: It’s really welcoming—I love the environment that’s instilled at Regina!

Sister Ann Fallon, OP, and Elie, a student at Regina Dominican High School, had the opportunity to talk about it's like to be a nun.

Elie: What do you think people should know about nuns?

Sister Ann: They should know that we are real people like they are. And that we’ve devoted ourselves to this life because we care about people and we care about the world that people are in. There’s a lot of efforts in today’s world around social justice. Religious are very determined to be a part of that because of all of the concerns we have about the poor and those who have needs, and that’s who we want to serve. And we want young people like yourself to help us to do that because you have the opportunity to learn and recognize all of this. I know that it’s part of your faith, too.

Elie: Yes, it is!

Watch the interviews with Sister Joan and Sister Ann:

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