The Nuns ask the Ninth Graders

Blog Published: September 25, 2017
By Sister Maxine

Sister Susan Van Baalen, OP, and Ashley, a student at Regina Dominican High School, had the opportunity to chat about the unique experience of attending Regina.

Sister Susan: Do you notice much of a difference [between Regina Dominican and other schools]?

Ashley: Yes, there’s a big difference! At Catholic school, there’s more of a community sense. In public school, everyone’s kind of independent, doing their own thing in their little groups.

But at Regina, there’s definitely a huge sense of community and everyone knows everything and everyone is friendly to each other.

Sister Susan: Great! I’m so glad to hear you say that because that’s the kind of atmosphere that we try to create in the school so that it’s a place of peace, a place of comfort, and a great experience of learning!

Sister Margaret Pachucki, OP, and Emma, a student at Regina Dominican High School, spoke about the community atmosphere that is present at Regina.

Sister Mary Margaret: Going to Regina Dominican, what do you find is good about being in an all girls’ setting, which was different than in the grade school?

Emma: First of all, I feel like when there are not boys around, girls speak up a lot more. It was a big thing in my grade where no girls would speak up because if they got the answer wrong, the boys would all make fun of them, and then [the girls] would get embarrassed and no one would speak up any more.

When I came to Regina, I saw how everybody just spoke up about what they believe in. I felt a lot more welcome and I felt like this is where I belong because I like to speak my mind, and I felt like I’d be welcome with open arms here.

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