Top 10 Favorite Technology Devices in the Nuns' Studio

Blog Published: April 7, 2016
By Sister Julie

Did you hear? It's the 10th anniversary of A Nun's Life Ministry!!! In honor of 10 years of ministering online, we are celebrating all kinds of "10s."

In today's blog post, we have my personal favorite Top 10 Technology Devices in our studio here at A Nun's Life Ministry. As an online ministry, trust me when I say we've got a lot of equipment going on here and these devices are the ones that make my heart pitter patter.

1. iPhone 4

Arguably my most favorite phone of all time. It is the perfect weight, size, and shape. I love it. Sadly it serves no longer as my phone, but it does live on as my BFF device always by my side.

2. Mophie Charger

When we are on the road, especially for a Motherhouse Road Trip, we don't always have access to electricity. That's where the Mophie comes in. It has saved many a device from total depletion. :)

3. Paper Shredder

It never ceases to amaze me that as a digital ministry, we still have to use paper. This little CCS 5000 Achiever is an angry, fighting machine. It growls, it spits fire, it shreds 12 sheets like nobody's business. It is by far my most favorite piece of office equipment. The Achiever was an in-kind gift from one of the business owners in our little business complex community.

4. Roku

I like to think I'm hip and relevant for a Gen Xer, but if I really want to stay with it, I look to Jane, our Social Media Specialist and resident Millennial. When she introduced the Roku to A Nun's Life staff, it rocked our world. And, we didn't work for 4 days while we binge-watched documentaries about cosplay conferences for My Little Pony fans and rewatched Pitch Perfect 200 times. Oh, and the ministry. It also helps us keep up with our favorite Catholic Channels like our friends at Salt + Light media. :)

5. Coffee Machine

You've heard us say it on our podcasts, A Nun's Life Ministry runs on coffee. We love it. Coffee. And so one of my most favorite devices is the coffee machine. Not "high tech" by today's standards, but ESSENTIAL for the daily operations of the ministry and for overall spiritual wellbeing. Our newest coworker, Julie Brown, who heads our fundraising efforts (A Nun's Life also runs on the great stewardship of gifts from people JUST LIKE YOU and our partner organizations), is not so much of a coffee drinker but we are a people of hope and believe conversion is always possible.

6. Shure SM7B

I say if it's good enough for MJ, it's good enough for me. That's right. Michael Jackson used the Shure SM7 microphone to record most of the vocals on the Thriller album, including Vincent Price's iconic contribution. I leave it to you to pick which of the nuns is Michael and which is Vincent. (I'm partial to Cher myself.)

7. All Things Mac

Need I say more?

8. Grado Headphones

I was introduced to Grado headphones from my most favorite audio engineer of all time -- Mary Gaffney of WBEZ Chicago Public Radio. First, I adore Mary. When she talks about sound, it is like she is praying. What I love about these headphones is the clarity of sound, and the naturalness. There is nothing added, nothing taken away. Pure sound from open air headphones. Perfect for editing podcasts!

9. Tripp-Lite Surge Protectors

What good is all of our equipment if it all blows up? I ask myself that regularly as part of my daily Examen. While we take very good care of our equipment, malfunctions do happen. Like storms. Recently, we lost 3 Tripp-Lites to God when they took a hit from a crazy winter storm in March. They saved the lives of our computers and audio equipment. And they came with a guarantee and the good people of Tripp-Lite sent out a reincarnation of our surge protectors ensuring that we'd be well protected into the future.

10. Lightsaber

At A Nun's Life Ministry, it goes without saying that we are innovative and stay on top of the trends so as to better serve you, the online community. As such, I have this lightsaber. Granted, I'm not sure how I will use it yet on behalf of the ministry, but I can tell you that I've been analyzing it, taking it apart and reassembling it so I can master the Jedi technology and use it for untold good in the world. Stay tuned!

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