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Blog Published: April 29, 2013
By Sister Julie

Is our popular image of what nuns look like taking a turn? I read an article in the Mail Online, a UK news outlet, about Kelly Osbourne, in which writer Leah Simpson comments on in a recent sighting of Kelly and her boyfriend and the goings-on of the Osbourne family. What is interesting of course is that Simpson's article characterizes Kelly's outfit as "reminiscent of a nun." As I read that, I prepared myself for the accompanying photo to be the usual -- an image of a celebrity sporting a drab, black and white robe-like outfit (which of course does no justice to habits or the typical clothing of nuns).

Kelly Osbourne nun outfit / my surprise, and joy, I discovered that in the photo, Kelly was wearing a pretty hip outfit! Take a look at the picture -- there is nothing stereotypically "nun" about this outfit. Kelly has a beautiful long white shirt with a black leather jacket and leggings. And there's some nice flair with bright pink lipstick, a studded head band and shoes, and purply hair in a bun. I'm rather impressed that this outfit suggested "nun" to the showbiz editorial team of the Mail Online.

I have to agree with Simpson, that indeed, Kelly was  "rocking the nun look." While Simpson was of course referring to the cross necklace and the buttoned up shirt, I can't help but hope that in our popular culture we are beginning to expand our images of what nuns might look like. And, we might even be able to go so far as to use "nun look" as a compliment rather than as a criticism. 

Could I see my nunly self in an outfit like this? Absolutely! While I personally might not sport the bright pink lipstick -- or the boyfriend for obvious reasons related to my vows -- I do think I would totally rock the studded head band!

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Submitted by Betsy Bauer on Mon, 04/29/2013 - 07:37


While I understand not everyone is a lipstick fan - don't underestimate how a dash of lipstick can just boost your confidence level!

Submitted by Betsy Bauer on Mon, 04/29/2013 - 17:30


You and Max probably already HAVE lots of self confidence - gifts of the Holy Spirit?