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AS017 Ask Sister – prefixes and suffixes, vocation confusion, discernment help, nun gifts

Podcast Recorded: March 12, 2010

AS017 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on March 12, 2010. Sponsored by ministry. Topics include: discernment, vocation confusion, the Sr. prefix, how we felt when we first realized we were called to be sisters, gifts for nuns, and more.

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Show Notes
  • What does the prefix “Sr.” stand for and the initials after a nun’s name?
  • I’ve always thought about getting married and having kids, but I’m kind of drawn to becoming a nun. Help! I’m really confused!
  • Who helped you as you thought about becoming a sister?
  • May I give a gift to a nun for her diamond jubilee?
  • How long before you felt at home in the convent?
  • How long did it take you between your initial ‘discernment’ and your actual first vows?
  • Do you have advice for a young woman who is discerning a vocation to be a Sister? 

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