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AS060 Ask Sister – nuns in India, praying to Mary, missing God’s call, Saint Scholastica, and more!

Podcast Recorded: February 11, 2011

AS060 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on February 11, 2011. Sponsored by ministry. Topics include: praying to Mary, missing God’s call, nuns in India, Saint Scholastica, and more!

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Show Notes
  • Do Catholics pray to Mary?  What is the Church’s teaching, especially in light of 1 Timothy 2:5?
  • Finding Catholic sisters in India — be sure to check out our interview with Sister Sabitha
  • Can you become a nun if you have a child? (see also episode AS059 where Sister Hildegard talks about being a contemplative nun with grandchildren!)
  • Is it possible to miss God’s call? What do I do if I did?
  • Thoughts on Thursday’s feast of Saint Scholastica

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