To become what I believe

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I am a big sports fan myself. But far greater than any allegiance to any sports team, I have chosen to ally my life with the life of Christ. We are Christians. We know the outcome of this game. We believe that the Paschal Mystery is our story, too.

To become what I believe

AS155 Ask Sister - Motherhouse Road Trip with the Carmelite Nuns of Baltimore, Maryland
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AS155 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on April 29, 2014, in Baltimore, Maryland. 
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How is prayer a way for Carmelite nuns to reach out to the needs of the world?
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In this Random Nun Clip, we talk with Sister Colette about what Carmelite prayer looks like on a daily basis and the practice of taking the world's suffering to heart in prayer. Hear the full podcast at AS155.

What is Theological Reflection?

Theological reflection is a way of doing theology that starts from the experiences of life and leads to searching in faith, for deeper meaning, and for the living God.

A Nun's Life

AS105 Ask Sister – spiritual inventory, the nuns advise celebrity about the convent and sensible shoes, health care nuns in Europe, when nuns sing, test your nun knowledge
Podcast Recorded:

AS105 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on March 7, 2012. Sponsored by ministry. With special guest Audra Turnbull. Topics include: spiritual inventory, advice to a celebrity, singing nuns, finding patience, picking a religious order, etc.