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AS069 Ask Sister – what good are nuns? Dial 666 for Devil, younger nuns v. older nuns, a romance-suspense novelists consults the nuns, the Great Schism of the East and West

Podcast Recorded: April 28, 2011

AS069 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on April 28, 2011. Sponsored by ministry. Topics include: what are nuns good for? Dial 666 for Devil, nun generations, romance-thriller novelist consults the nuns, Great Schism of East and West and more!

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Show Notes
  • Is there a generation gap in orders of women religious? Do the older nuns ‘think’ different from the younger ones? or does ‘community’ transcend that type of thing?”
  • We wanted to know what religious nuns are for. [Nun Note: So many ways to take this question but we'll do our best tackling it from all sides!]
  • What’s the deal with 666? Is it really a sign of the devil? Should we be concerned when it pops up?
  • Could you talk about what the Great Schism of the East and West is?
  • A romance-thriller-suspense novelist asks for help with the character development of a young woman who may be thinking about joining a religious community.

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