Beyond The Habit - Episode 4: Sister Celine and Sister Marie Estelle

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A great joy in religious life is being overwhelmed by God’s love for me personally and being able to be a conduit of that love to others.

Beyond The Habit - Episode 3: Sister Alison McCrary

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“I think women religious today have a role to play in society and the world needs more prophetic voices.”

Beyond The Habit - Episode 2: Serving Those Who Are Most In Need

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"I thought I had everything, but I had nothing before I discovered God."

A glimpse of History Heaven!

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If there’s a History Heaven, it’s probably a lot like the Conference on the History of Women Religious! I kept a daily journal so that I could share some of the historical figures and ideas I encountered there.

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Some fave Advent resources for prayer and reflection

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The countdown to Christmas is on! I’m reminded of this daily by the flood of discount coupons in my email and online pop-up ads warning that there’s only a few shopping days left til Christmas.

Advent resources from A Nun's Life Ministry