The role of women in the Church

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There's plenty of room for women to make maternal, fraternal, and service contributions, and they do so tirelessly. We're all moving forward together in synodality.

A sister in white habit crosses the street

Christmas in the Convent II
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Sister Rejane and Sister Pat revisit some of their most special (and unusual!) Christmas memories, spotlighting the difference between Christmas presents and Christ's presence.

Sister Pat and Sister Rejane

The joy of visitation
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Visitation is at the heart of the spirituality of the Congregation de Notre Dame. Sister Violaine Paradis explains why.

Mary greets her cousin Elizabeth in the Visitation

When she felt the love of God
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When Violaine Paradis couldn't decided what to do with her life, prayer, silence, and a comic book led her to a place where she could feel God's love.

a woman sits alone with her thoughts

The glory of Easter
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Sister Rejane and Sister Pat share memories of Easters past – and some insight into the greatest celebration of the liturgical year.

Sister Pat Johanssen and Sister Rejane Cytacki