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AS128 Ask Sister – two nuns and a chat room – special Old-School edition of Ask Sister!

Podcast Recorded: January 23, 2013

AS128 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on January 23, 2013. Sponsored by ministry. Special Edition: Two Nuns and a Chat Room. Topics include: habits, saints, card-playing novices, returning to the Catholic church, vow of obedience, and more!

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Show Notes

At first, the Ask Sister podcast was called Nun News Roundup. During the show, we talked about nun stories in newspapers, television, and online. Also during the show, people in the chat room offered comments and asked questions. We loved the insights, wisdom, and humor from the chat room! The interaction was so compelling that we refocused the show to invite more of it. And we renamed the podcast Ask Sister.

This week’s special “Two Nuns and a Chat Room” edition is a shout-out to the early days of the podcast. We dedicate the show to you, our dear listeners and  chat room friends, without whom the podcast would not exist.

Usually we begin Ask Sister with questions we’ve received in advance by email, Facebook, the blog, Twitter, or voice mail. But this week, it’s all about the chat room!

And here's what the chat room had to say!

  • Why don't sisters and nuns wear habits any more?
  • Is there a saint for the deaf community?
  • Why does the A Nun's Life logo look the way it does?
  • When's the right time to tell college friends that you're thinking about religious life?
  • How do sisters keep the faith and positive outlook in light of the close scrutiny from the Vatican?
  • Many people do "nun surveillance" but do nuns in turn do surveillance?
  • How do you feel when someone is looking at you as a nun to see what you would do?
  • Sister Maxine tells the story about Sister Doris playing cards with the novices.
  • What's your favorite part of being a Catholic sister?
  • What is your advice for someone who is trying to come back to the Catholic church?
  • Do you struggle with the vow of obedience?
  • Were there any surprises from starting an online community at A Nun's Life Ministry?

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