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AS150 Ask Sister - Fave Advent readings, adieu to the pew, conflict in the convent, no results from the rosary

Podcast Recorded: December 18, 2013

AS150 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on December 18, 2013.

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Show Notes
  • Some fav readings from the scriptures during Advent
  • "I haven’t been to mass for a while. I still love God but am not content with what the church practices at times. I haven’t given up completely...but still haven’t felt the tug to go sit in the pew. Any words of advice?"
  • "How do nuns deal with conflicts or enmity within the community or with some members of their communities?" 
  • "I am still trying to find out what God wants me to do. I pray with the rosary, but I find no answer. What should I do?"
  •  Praying for a pony for the convent.



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