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AS210 Ask Sister - being Dominican, liturgical lounge music, making God decide for us, called by God but unprepared

Podcast Recorded: August 16, 2018

Sister Maxine with guest Sisters Joan and Orlanda, Grand Rapids Dominicans. Topics: being Dominican, liturgical lounge music, making God decide for us, called by God but unprepared

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Show Notes

About the sisters

How Dominicans live out the legacy today of founder Saint Dominic 

Listener question: The music at church sounds like casino lounge music. What can I do about it?

Is distraction actually just a reverse form of attraction?

Listen question: Is it God’s will for me to break up my relationship? 

Predestined to discernment

Making decisions even if they cause pain to others

Listener question: Does God call us to things that we’re not ready for?

The vocation journey: from burden to blessing

Preaching about the goodness of God through life in hard times

Where faith comes from

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About our Guest

L: Sister Joan Williams is Vicaress of the Grand Rapids Dominicans. She grew up in Detroit with 12 siblings. She ministered as a music teacher and later coordinated religious education in 20 Hispanic parishes in the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. It was there she received the call to discern mission in Honduras, where she served for years among people in situations of great poverty. Sister Joan has also served on the leadership team for the Conference of Dominican Sisters of Latin-America and the Caribbean. She has degrees in Music Education, Theology, and Theological Studies.

R: Sister Orlanda Leyba was born and raised in Penasco, New Mexico. She is a retired formal education teacher and principal. She continues to use her teaching and administrative skills when tutoring adult women in the Literacy Center in Detroit and providing retreat days for Catholic school staff. Sister Orlanda volunteers every week at the Detroit Soup Kitchen, where she bonds and engages with people who are homeless in the city. Sister Orlanda is a graduate of Aquinas College and the University of Michigan.  

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