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What is spiritual itinerancy and how is it part of life for Dominican Sisters of Peace?

Podcast Recorded: October 10, 2014

This Random Nun Clip is from our Motherhouse Road Trip podcast with the Dominican Sisters of Peace in Columbus, Ohio. You can listen to the full podcast at AS162.

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About our Guest

June FitzgeraldSister June Fitzgerald is a Retreat Director, Spiritual Director, and storyteller. She serves as Vocation Promoter on the Ministry of Welcome team for the Dominican Sisters of Peace.


Sister Mattie Sterner has been a Dominican Sister for 63 years. She has served as a teacher at all grade levels and is currently the Director of the Center for Dominican Studies at Ohio Dominican University in Columbus.

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SISTER MAXINE: We’re here in Columbus, Ohio, on a Motherhouse Road Trip with the Dominican Sisters of Peace. We’re delighted to be joined by Sister Mattie Sterner.


SISTER MAXINE: And Sister June Fitzgerald.


SISTER MAXINE: Itinerancy is of value in Dominican life: changing ministries, moving to different places. And when we think of community, how in the Dominican life does that mesh up with itinerancy — that sense of moving around all the time?

SISTER JUNE FITZGERALD: That’s a very good question. Itinerancy is something that is not just a physical moving from place to place, but it’s also that spiritual itinerancy that we have, of not holding too strongly to specific ideas, to be open to being changed by God. One of the great joys in community is to pray together, to pray morning prayer and evening prayer together, and to go to daily Eucharist also. That’s what sustains me and that’s what gives me that energy, that I can dip down into that well of spirit, that well of energy and hope that I’ve shared with my sisters, so when I move out into itinerancy or into whatever I’m doing that day, I have that energy in God. The itinerancy for me has certainly embodied itself in moving about at different times. I’ve moved quite a number of times in my years of religious life. Some moves were to start something new; some of them to help somebody else move to a new place. I’ve had that privilege to walk with some of our older sisters to help them to move to a new place, to a new time in their life. And to walk with another in their itinerancy is also part of our journey, it’s part of being sister.

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