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A tale of two Marys--one on a pedestal and the other, not so much?

Podcast Recorded: November 1, 2013
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In this Random Nun Clip, we talk with Sister Elizabeth Johnson, CSJ, about the two Marys -- the Mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene -- and new understandings about Mary Magdalene. Hear the full In Good Faith podcast at IGF028.

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About our Guest

Sister Elizabeth Johnson is a Sister of St. Joseph of Brentwood, Long Island, and is Distinguished Professor of Theology at Fordham University in New York City.

An award winning author, Sister Elizabeth has written many books including Friends of God and Prophets: A Feminist Theological Reading of the Communion of Saints;  Truly Our Sister: A Theology of Mary in the Communion of Saints;  and Quest for the Living God. Her new book on ecological theology, entitled Ask the Beasts: Darwin and the God of Love, will be out in January 2014.

Sister Elizabeth has also published many essays in scholarly journals, chapters in edited books, book reviews, and articles in popular journals. She is a former president of the Catholic Theological Society of America and the American Theological Society. 

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Sister Julie  
This Random Nun Clip is brought to you by A Nun's Life Ministry.

Sister Maxine  
Today we talk with Sister Elizabeth Johnson, a Sister of St. Joseph of Brentwood, Long Island, and she is Distinguished Professor of Theology at Fordham University in New York City.

Sister Julie  
Sandra in the chat room writes, "You know, we can't be pedestal Mary. But Mary Magdalene is someone I can identify easily with--how she loved Jesus and followed him and never left his side." And a lot of times, theologically, we have put them on either side. Once we've kind of rediscovered Mary, where does Mary Magdalene fit in?

Sister Elizabeth  
She fits in just beautifully the way the person in the chat room just said it: as a disciple, as a witness of the crucifixion, as a receiver of the first resurrection appearance in John's gospel, as someone who received the apostolic commission to go and preach. I see them as different in their relationship to Jesus, but equally important in their own different ways. There are two places that I love to point to, where they went together, one is at the cross in John's Gospel, and the other is in the upper room at the beginning of the Acts of the Apostles, where it said, among the 120, people who were there were Mary, the mother of Jesus, and his brothers, and the women. And when you look at who the women are in Luke's gospel, it's Mary Magdalene, Joanna, and Susanna are the followers of Jesus. So at Pentecost, too, they were together there. So both of them members of the early church. Both of them knew Jesus personally in very different ways. And I like to think they were friends.

Sister Julie  
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Sister Julie  
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