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The grace of seeing what’s right in front of us

Blog Published: January 3, 2013

At first glance, the photo in this post shows an ordinary tree in winter. No leaves. Some snow. Grayish sky in the background. But when I neared the tree, I saw robins! Lots of them!



What nuns talk about at parties

Blog Published: December 27, 2012

When was the last time you were at a party with lots of nuns? For those who’ve had little or no experience with that, here’s the inside scoop based on my Christmas day.

Lights Before Christmas

Blog Published: December 18, 2012

Holy Toledo has quite a light show for the holidays! This past weekend we took the nun mobile out for a roll around town to see the lights. We found two spectacular light shows — Light-a-Palooza by a home owner near Olde Town and Lights Before Christmas at the Toledo Zoo.

Some fave Advent resources for prayer and reflection

Blog Published: December 6, 2012

The countdown to Christmas is on! I’m reminded of this daily by the flood of discount coupons in my email and online pop-up ads warning that there’s only a few shopping days left til Christmas.

Band of Sisters, Mary Fishman, and the Nuns

Blog Published: October 23, 2012

I cannot wait for our podcast tomorrow with Mary Fishman whose documentary about U.S. Catholic sisters just came out. Sister Maxine and I have known Mary for a few years now and are delighted to have her on In Good Faith. The documentary, “Band of Sisters is about Catholic sisters in the United States from the perspective of our commitment to furthering the Gospel mandate of social justice.

Celibacy, the Movie!

Blog Published: October 12, 2012

Looking for a good DVD to watch? Something a bit different? You might want to check out this one: Radical Love: Consecrated Celibacy, produced by WordNet Productions.

NUNDAY with Sisters Rosina and Alison celebrating important formation landmarks

Blog Published: September 17, 2012

We celebrate Nunday today with Sisters Rosina Pham and Alison Green of the Sisters of Saint Mary of Oregon (SSMO). The sisters recently professed vows, continuing their fabulous journey of religious life. Our thanks to Sister Alison and her nuns for the blog post and photo.

A Sister Candidate on being a Mom and a Nun

Blog Published: September 7, 2012

A Nun’s Life Ministry welcomes guest blogger Diane Brown, who writes about her experience of discerning and of being a candidate with the IHM Sisters of Monroe, Michigan. Be sure to read her other blog posts and join the conversation.