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No Such Thing as Cookie Cutter Nuns

Blog Published: February 7, 2007

Within religious life there is a huge diversity of lifestyles and charisms. There is no single way to be a nun or sister or monk or brother. Such diversity is a good thing for the Church and world for it allows the different gifts of the Spirit to be manifest and used in response to the needs of the world. I am reminded of Saint Paul’s letter to the Corinthians where he talks about the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Read on, and as you do, consider how different communities have different gifts.

AS145 Ask Sister - Motherhouse Road Trip with the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth, in Des Plaines, Illinois

Podcast Recorded: August 21, 2013

AS145 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on August 21, 2013, in Des Plaines, Illinois.

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Consecrated Virginity a Gift for the Church, Says Pope

Blog Published: May 16, 2008

“Your vocation is profoundly rooted in the particular Church to which you belong ... From the diocese, with its traditions, its saints, its values, limits and difficulties, you open up to the scope of the universal Church ... "

AS082 Ask Sister – is it true that “many are called but few are chosen,” what’s a “charism,” young adults reflect on vocations, tweeting for vocations, and more!

Podcast Recorded: September 1, 2011

AS082 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on September 1, 2011. Sponsored by aNunsLife.org ministry. Topics include: unpacking scripture on called v. chosen, understanding charism, young adults on vocation, vocation seminar learnings and surprises, and more!

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How do Presentation Sisters today carry on the mission begun decades ago by Nano Nagle?

Podcast Recorded: March 10, 2014

In this Random Nun Clip, we talk with Sister Annette and Sister Carmen about how Presentation Sisters today respond to the needs of the times in the spirit of foundress Nano Nagle. Hear the full podcast at AS154.

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What does “growth” mean in terms of religious communities?

Blog Published: June 1, 2007

Quite a conversation is taking place around Nuns: Perceptions and Assumptions. The latest comment sounded like a good springboard for a new post

Returning to Our Foundation

Blog Published: October 24, 2007

Yesterday I listened to the broadcast of the conversation between Sister Marie Pappas, CR, and myself on the “Pathways to Learning” program on Sirius Radio’s The Catholic Channel #159. Strange to listen to oneself. Never quite sounds like yourself.

RNC - How does your ministry reflect the charism of your congregation?

Podcast Recorded: January 16, 2013

This clip is from our Ask Sister podcast episode 127, recorded live on January 16, 2013. Hear the full podcast at AS127.

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