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“Living My Prayer” by Sister Helen Prejean

Blog Published: January 8, 2008

Here is an essay from Sister Helen Prejean, CSJ. It was aired on the NPR segment, This I Believe, ”a national media project engaging people in writing, sharing, and discussing the core values and beliefs that guide their daily lives.”

Lay Vocation Is Irreplaceable

Blog Published: July 4, 2007

Below is an article from ZENIT on the lay vocation. Too often not much is said about lay vocations. Some even equate “vocation” only with religious or ordained life. The truth is, however, we all have a vocation. I recently read this piece and wanted to share it with you.

What makes being a nun unique?

Blog Published: November 16, 2006

In a comment on “TIME magazine article on nuns, veils, and blogs“, Jenn asks the question of what makes being a nun a unique call. She writes: “I think our call to be a Christian means we shouldn’t be sleeping around and we should be living simply (we should live simply so others in our world can have something).