Learning how to live in hope

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The people Sister Judith Dohner has accompanied in ministry are the ones who have taught her what faith and trust really look like.

Sr. Judith Dohner helps a Haitian immigrant woman with paperwork.

Fasting from fear

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Here's an approach to Lenten fasting you might not have considered before.

feeling confident in faith

Fresh new snow

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What does this year hold? Will we be strong enough to meet its challenges? Will it be an uphill climb, or will it be a gentle walk?

The Fear of Becoming a Nun

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Not gonna lie. I was kinda scared when I realized God might be calling be to become a nun!

If I'm afraid of worldly things, does that mean I should be a nun?

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In this Random Nun Clip, a listener asks if her fear of worldly things should determine the decisions she makes about her life. Hear the full Ask Sister podcast episode AS189 at aNunsLife.org.