Laudato Si': Praise Be to You, God!

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The simple pleasure of encouraging a garden to grow can help us grow closer to God.

community garden

Sister Elaine Fischer, OSB

While it might not seem possible, a woman can pursue just about any ministry as a Benedictine Sister. Proof of this: Sister Elaine Fischer.

Sister Elaine Fisher

A garden view
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The gardens of the Dominicans of Mission San Jose are a double victory: they offer a glorious view, and they produce food enough to share with the community.

vegetable garden

The seed ball project
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Sr. Barbara Hagel and Sister Jeanette DeYoung share the simple start to the trillion tree planting program, and how the Dominicans of Mission San Jose got involved.


Evangelization café and garden nurture community
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In this Random Nun Clip, the sisters talk about the Felicians’ new ministry in Detroit. Hear the full Ask Sister episode AS211 at