When did you see the Gospel unfolding?

Sister Cathy Murray, OP, shared one of the most powerful stories we've heard about a time she saw the Gospel unfolding. 

How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the Good News!

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In this season of Advent let us deepen our call to become preachers of the Gospel, the Good News, no matter what our profession is. We are all needed and called to care for one another.

Sharing the good news of the Gospel

AS229 Ask Sister - Update from Sister Jane, do nuns watch Netflix, foundresses, drama in the convent

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Topics: Update from Sister Jane, do nuns watch Netflix, foundresses, drama in the convent

Sisters working to confront structures of oppression

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Any pastoral plan is a political plan, a "politics of the Gospel" where we put the poor or those whose lives are threatened at the center of attention.  

Nunday with Sister Sharon Dillon, SSJ-TOSF

In this #Nunday video, we ask Sister Sharon Dillon, SSJ, TOSF, how she lives out the gospel in her role as Executive Director of National Religious Vocation Conference?