Sisters believe in the power of prayer and the impact it has on their daily experiences

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No matter what ministry a sister is involved in--retreat direction, political activism, teaching, catechesis, public speaking, or eco-spirituality, her prayer life is very intertwined in the daily experiences. 

Why doesn't Joseph get as much attention as Mary?
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In this Random Nun Clip, a student wonders why Mary gets a lot more publicity in scripture than Joseph does. Sister Maxine with guests Amy Tabler and Sister Shannon Schrein. Hear the full Ask Sister episode AS217 at

Nine Day Saints Novena

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We offer this Saints Novena in gratitude for the ways God lives and moves and has being in the lives of all the saints who are part of this online community. We give thanks for you and for the gift of God that you are to us and to the world. It is because of people like you that there is this awesome place of hospitality and gospel community. This novena is written by the A Nun’s Life Community.