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Sugababes and Nuns

Blog Published: September 13, 2011

Hanging out with nuns is pretty cool, I have to say. But don’t take my word for it (I am an aforementioned nun after all). Even a card-carrying member of the British band Sugababes thinks so too!


AS018 Ask Sister – a discerner’s IHM experience, Nuns support health reform, misconceptions about religious life

Podcast Recorded: March 19, 2010

AS018 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on March 19, 2010. Sponsored by aNunsLife.org ministry. Topics include: a discerner’s IHM experience, why Catholic sisters support health care reform, Bible translations, common misperceptions about nuns, and more.

A Nun

Nuns: Crime Fighters Edition

Blog Published: August 15, 2009

It’s like something out of a comic book — Nuns spy evil-wrongdoing in a quiet village and mobilize forces (“Wonder Twin powers ACTIVATE! Form of a holy vigilant!”) to swoop down from the heavens and accost said perpetrator to restore peace and tranquility to the land. “Hail, Sister Mary!!” shout the peasant people as the nuns drop the befuddled criminal at the doorstep of the jail.

Rudnick can mock, but he cannot win

Blog Published: July 16, 2009

Father Jim Martin’s article, "The New Yorker Has Its 'Fun with Nuns,'" about Paul Rudnick’s article has generated a lot of interesting discussion. There’s one comment in particular that I’d like to highlight. The comment is from “RP”, a religious sister ministering in Los Angeles.

The New Yorker out of line with “Nun Fun”

Blog Published: July 15, 2009

Father James Martin, SJ, has written a fine response to Paul Rudnick’s article “Fun with Nuns” in The New Yorker (July 20, 2009 issue). Rudnick’s article covers his efforts to get a screenplay (that would eventually end up as “Sister Act”) produced.

Heather Graham and bad girl nuns

Blog Published: June 23, 2009

American fashion model and actress Heather Graham recently revealed that her parents threatened to send her to a convent when she was young.

Provocative Headline Gone Too Far

Blog Published: April 4, 2009

There’s nothing more titillating than a headline like “Lap dancing nun to perform for cardinals and bishops”. A clever headline? Perhaps. But a fair one? No. The headline plays off the worst of stereotypes (and fantasies) about women, authority, and relationships between nuns and clergy.

Nun of That movie

Blog Published: February 24, 2009

Indie films are some of my most favorite movies. I love the fresh, unconventional, and truly “independent” spirit of these films and the people who make them happen. Sometimes these films make their way to the masses – Slumdog Millionaire is a perfect example — and sometimes not so much. Still, many are worth seeing just for the sheer ingenuity and creativeness that they embody.