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saints and feasts

Feast of Saint John of the Cross

Blog Published: December 14, 2012

Happy feast of Saint John of the Cross! Here’s a bit of John’s story from Saints and Feast Days: A Resource and Activity Book by The Sisters of Notre Dame of Chardon, Ohio.

In praise of everyday saints

Blog Published: October 29, 2012

Last weekend, during my marathon of meetings, I met some saints!

Wearing a Nun costume for Halloween

Blog Published: October 16, 2012

Nun costumes. Good, bad, or ugly? Over the years we’ve received emails from people wondering if it is respectful to wear a nun costume for Halloween. As always, the answer is “it depends.”

Nun Halloween Costume

Team Rosary wins Prayer Olympic gold!?

Blog Published: August 1, 2012

What would Prayer Olympics look like? The question occurred to me while biking this morning (NunCam). Would there be a Team Rosary event? Maybe a Centering Prayer balance beam event?  A Pool of Bethesda swim event?  The possibilities seemed endless!

Game-show God

Blog Published: May 24, 2012

After last night’s In Good Faith podcast with Jane Knuth, I couldn’t get these words out of my head.

Lent: desert and/or dessert?

Blog Published: February 21, 2012

Mardi Gras is here and that means it is Catholic party time! Enjoy the day, but don’t forget the best part of the part — the desert! Or is it the dessert?!

A Nun

Halloween is going to the CATS

Blog Published: January 31, 2012

I’ve never been a cat for Halloween costumes or dress of any sort. Once, when I was new to the convent, they tried to put me in a sweater because of the cold Chicago winter. How do you say, “That’s ridiculous!” in a way they’d understand? I gave them the stink eye and then promptly tipped over. Enough said.

Nine Day Saints Novena

Blog Published: November 1, 2011

We offer this Saints Novena in gratitude for the ways God lives and moves and has being in the lives of all the saints who are part of this online community. We give thanks for you and for the gift of God that you are to us and to the world. It is because of people like you that there is this awesome place of hospitality and gospel community. This novena is written by the A Nun’s Life Community.