AS236 Ask Sister - Climate change conundrum, hey you Nuns, the Word of God or of regular people
Podcast Recorded:

Join Sister Maxine and Sister Shannon for lively conversation in response to listener questions! Topics: climate change conundrum, hey you Nuns, the Word of God or of regular people.  

AS234 Ask Sister – Easter bunny vs. Jesus, prepping for Purgatory, how to know if the rosary is working

What is your favorite scripture passage?

Sister Maria Brizuela, OSF, shares her favorite scripture passage and how she applies it to her life. She also lets us in on what superpower she would love to have!

3rd Week ~ CLEANSING

Catholic Sisters Week shines a light on the spirituality, mission, and community building of women religious.

3rd Week of Lent - Cleansing

Walking with saints on the journey of Lent

Blog Published:

Earlier this week, I realized that many of my walking companions are centuries old. That’s when I also realized my daily walks are affecting the way I read Scripture.

Why does the Glory Be prayer say "world without end" when the bible says the world WILL end?
Podcast Recorded:

In this Random Nun Clip, a listener wonders if the Glory Be prayer is at odds with the bible. Hear the full Ask Sister podcast episode AS188 at

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