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NUNDAY with Sister Rosemary Connelly, RSM

Blog Published: June 8, 2015

Shining a light on Rosemary Connelly, RSM, Executive Director of Misericordia.

Sister Rosemary Connelly, RSM

For Sister-chef at soup kitchen, why is listening a key ingredient?

Podcast Recorded: April 22, 2015

In this Random Nun Clip, chef Sister Mandy Carrier, RSM, talks about food, listening, and learning at the soup kitchen. Hear the full Ask Sister podcast on our Motherhouse Road Trip page!

A Nun

Finding the “New” in the “Already”

Blog Published: December 31, 2012

With the new year on our doorsteps (and already here for our friends in places like Australia), we’ve been reflecting on the usual stuff — taking stock of the last 12 months and envisioning our hopes for 2013.

I laughed, I cried, I watched it again! The video “Sisters of Mercy: Going West on the Journey”

Blog Published: November 29, 2012

I just watched the video “Sisters of Mercy: Going West on the Journey,” about the Sisters of Mercy coming to the Americas in the 1800s. In a word, WOW!

Sister Janet Mead — a REAL rocker nun

Blog Published: March 13, 2012

Sister Janet Mead, RSM, is one of the best known rocker nuns! Her recording of a rock version of The Lord’s Prayer reached #3 on the Australian Singles Chart and #4 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Six Foot Nun (and oh by the way, she built a college, dedicated her life to teaching, was a Sister of Mercy, an intellect, and a saavy business woman)

Blog Published: September 13, 2010

Mother M. Borgia Egan, RSM, was recently named to the Erie Hall of Fame. She was a Sister of Mercy of Erie, Pennsylvania, and the founder of the founder of Mercyhurst College.

Catherine McAuley’s Comfortable Cup of Tea

Blog Published: November 29, 2006

I recently received an email from a student doing a paper on Catherine McAuley. She asked if Catherine had any symbols associated with her. Not knowing off the top of my head, I headed to web sites of the Sisters of Mercy (whom Catherine founded in 1831). To my great delight, I discovered that one of the symbols associated with Catherine is “a comfortable cup of tea.”

A Nun