IGF053 In Good Faith with Sister Alice Ann O'Neill, SC: Cellist, Suzuki teacher, Suzuki teacher trainer

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Sister Alice Ann O'Neill is a professional cellist with a doctorate in performance and teaching who has performed as a soloist in the States and abroad. She is a Suzuki teacher, Suzuki teacher trainer, and composer. Her passion for playing the cello is integral to her love for teaching others. She trains Suzuki cello teachers in workshops and institutes throughout North America. And for the past 30 years, Sister Alice Ann has taught music and cello at several universities. She maintains a Suzuki cello studio in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is a member of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, a religious community affiliated with the Charity Federation. She believes that music has the power to unite people to bring joy and healing into their lives, and a way to build community.

To hear more from Sister Alice Ann and see her play her Cello, watch this exciting interview with her and S. Rejane that took place on Facebook on Wednesday, May 5. 

Dr Alice Ann O'Neill, SC

Daily discernment

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Discernment shouldn’t be a Special Occasion. We can all listen for God’s voice in our daily activities—with remarkable results.

praying the rosary outdoors

Living into the questions

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Sister Rejane Cytacki’s schoolteacher nickname reveals something deeper about the way she lives out her vocation. Host: Sister Maxine Kollasch.

letters spelling out the word Why

A call to listen to the Spirit

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Discernment doesn't end once a woman enters a religious community!

The Dominican Sisters of Springfield, Illinois, affirm a communal decision during a 2019 community meeting. (Courtesy of Beth Murphy)

IGF050 In Good Faith with Sister Dusty Farnan, United Nations Representative

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Sister Dusty is the United Nations representative for the Dominican Sisters Conference. Sister Dusty talks with Sister Maxine about her work at the UN on world issues important to Dominicans, such as homelessness, the rights of women and girls, protection of the Amazon region, and the digital divideSister Dusty describes how her work involves connecting with the wider Dominican Family, whose members minister on every continent in the world, working with local people directly affected by the issues. 

In Good Faith with Sister Dusty Farnan