Lent—being open to God's grace

Blog Published: March 4, 2020
By Sister Julie Myers, OSF

Beginnings. Starts. First steps. It can freak you out!!

I’m delighted to tell you that I just finished the start of Lent! Oh, trust me, the beginning didn’t just happen nor did it come easy. If you recall last week’s blog, I was in the midst of chaos internally and externally. I felt off-balance and there were so many things I needed to have ready in order for Lent to start—in my congregation’s Motherhouse chapel, for my ministry’s social content plan, and for my own spiritual needs.

But I took that first step and began a blessed journey inward, which will eventually lead outward and hopefully extend far beyond myself.

Here at A Nun’s Life, we started Lent together using the theme of PRAYER to direct our efforts and energies. Beginning something new from a stance of prayer is refreshing. To me it says that I am neither here nor there, I am nothing more or nothing less, I am what I am before God. Being willing to rest in the sacred moment of “now” opens the heart to what is yet to unfold.

If you’re a friend of A Nun’s Life Ministry, very likely you received an invite to join our team in Living Lent 2020. Whether you visited our website, received our newsletter, or scrolled upon our content while using social media, the open invitation is there! We even created a calendar, which provides daily activities to help you be in the sacred now.

How did you do with the start of your Lent? Does your daily schedule now hold times for prayer? Have you had a conversation with God about you, about those you love and those you struggle to love? Did you get a chance to write that prayer of gratitude…or maybe your heart is still in search of the right words?

If your week wasn’t perfect, don’t fret! This sacred time of now provides an ongoing opportunity for each of us to find times of quiet, to sit before God, and to ponder our own person and potential. It is a process!

I encourage you to continue your Lenten journey with the A Nun’s Life family as we move from efforts of PRAYER to those of FASTING. When we fast from something, we empty ourselves—possibly to make room for something else. As you enter this week of “fast", what is it you need or want to fast from to be open to God’s grace?

Not sure how to go about it? Download our Live Lent 2020 calendar for easy access to daily ideas. I’ll be checking in with you next week to see how you’re doing with your efforts. Until then, let us pray for one another.

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