Living into the Questions

Blog Published: September 18, 2017
By Sister Maxine

A Nun's Life had the privilege to sit down with Sister Michelle Lesher, SSJ, and talk with her about what questions she encountered when she was in the initial stages of discerning religious life.

A Nun's Life: What questions did you have when you were discerning?

Sister Michelle: I did have a lot of questions, and I think that these questions shifted over time. Early on, I wondered what it would be like to not be in relationship with one person who was “my person.” I wondered if I would be lonely. I am only child so I had a lot of questions about that, not just about myself but for my parents: what would this be like for them? As I got a little bit older--still discerning, still in formation--I started to wonder about not having children. Would I miss that at some point? What would that be like?

I think that what I have learned and what has been so wonderful is that, for me, the best thing about being in religious life is relationships. In fact, my world has not gotten smaller, as I thought it might by choosing this life, but it’s actually expanded. There are so many amazing ways that I’m in relationship with people that fill in or help me to know myself better or to know God better, and [I’ve learned] to just appreciate and enjoy relationships in a lot of ways. So instead of getting smaller, I feel like my world expanded. I feel like I’ve learned a lot about community. Community really is this great place of companionship and coming to be my best self. So I don’t feel lonely.

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