Sister Janet Mead, RSMSister Janet Mead, RSM, is one of the best known rocker nuns! She is a Catholic sister belonging to the Sisters of Mercy in Adelaide, South Australia. Her recording of a rock version of The Lord’s Prayer reached #3 on the Australian Singles Chart and #4 on the Billboard Hot 100. She was also nominated for a Grammy Award and a Golden Gospel Award in 2004. (source)

On the album With You I Am (1974), Sister Janet writes:

“I believe that life is a unity and therefore not divided into compartments. That means that worship, music, recreation, work and all other ‘little boxes’ of our lives are really inseparable and this is why I believe that people should be given the opportunity to worship God with the language and music that is part of their ordinary life. The words of the songs on this record almost all come from books of the Bible, which so richly expresses the longings of our heart, our loneliness, our joy, our dependence on God, our desire to love our fellow man and to live in peace. We all recognise these yearnings — they are ours and are common to each of our lives.”

Here she is with the single “The Lord’s Prayer,” December 20, 1973, from the album.

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