On the road to healing & forgiveness

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Conducting a fearless moral inventory of ourselves is a means of healing and forgiveness for us individually, for our community, and for our dear neighbor.

The mural at the Sisters of St. Joseph Villa in Hampton Bays, New York

On holy ground

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Sister Audra Turnbull, IHM, shares her her path has crossed with Father Augustus Tolton -- the first US-born African-American priest -- and what she has learned from his journey.

unlabeled white wooden crosses mark the anonymous graves of slaves

Claiming both parts of the story

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What happens when a sister discovers that, decades before, her community had rejected a woman because of her race? Sister Mary Pellegrino shares her story. Hear the full In Good Faith episode here.

We still have a dream

The unique call of rural ministry

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Rural ministry is so important -- and also largely forgotten. That's why Sister Pat Flass runs the Rural Program, which invites Sisters and associates to the rural South to understand the need... and how they could help fill it.

rural area

The power of coalition

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Sister Richelle Friedman, Director of Public Policy at the Coalition on Human Needs, in Washington, D.C., explains how working in coalition results in great progress in making our society, and our world, a better place. Hear the full In Good Faith episode IGF043 at aNunsLife.org. A transcript of this podcast is available below.

policy achievements