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Religious life is not static but evolving, creating new wineskins for new needs.


Service out of love, not worthiness

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A stranger in a strange land, Sister Scholastica struggled with her vocation until she experienced an epiphany.

Sr. Schola Mutua helps with food distribution at an evacuation center for refugees in the Philippines.

Asking the Big Questions

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What's the Catholic school difference? Students are learning and growing in so many areas--including their faith.

Sister Jenny Wilson, RSM, with students on retreat.

A call to listen to the Spirit

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Discernment doesn't end once a woman enters a religious community!

The Dominican Sisters of Springfield, Illinois, affirm a communal decision during a 2019 community meeting. (Courtesy of Beth Murphy)

The unique call of rural ministry
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Rural ministry is so important -- and also largely forgotten. That's why Sister Pat Flass runs the Rural Program, which invites Sisters and associates to the rural South to understand the need... and how they could help fill it.

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