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Blog Published: July 24, 2021
By The Nuns
top 15 favorite podcasts

After more than 12 years of recording and publishing podcasts, we’ve noticed something interesting!

Some podcasts are minimally downloaded yet others are downloaded on a monthly basis and even year after year. Many of our episodes have clearly become “Fan Favs” and we continue to be amazed at what our online audience looks for in content. It’s always fun to see what topics become listener favorites!

The most downloaded podcast is a definite Fan-Fav with thousands of downloads. This #1 favorite, recorded in 2014, is our Random Nun Clip on the Rosary. A listener asked: During Lent, should you pray only the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary? Sister Maxine and Sister Julie shared their insights and nun-wisdom and now this podcast is a Lenten favorite. If you’ve not listened to it, click on the title below and see for yourself!

Following the #1 podcast favorite, is a list of the next 14 favs which showcase many of our Ask Sister podcasts where Sr. Maxine responds to listener questions, as well as several podcasts from our past Motherhouse Road Trips.

If you are new to A Nun’s Life podcasts, the list below is a great start to your journey of discovering your favorites. Once you’ve listened to our top 15, take a dive into our other podcasts. Each one is loaded with nun wisdom, joy, and LOLs!

Fan Favorites: Top 15 Podcasts
1. RNC: During Lent, should you pray only the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary? (2014)
2. Ask Sister – AS214: Prayer robots, wait for heaven, surrender to God vs. just give up, vow of obedience (2018)
3. Ask Sister - AS218: Motherhouse Road Trip with the Sisters of Saint Dominic of Blauvelt, New York (2019)
4. Ask Sister - AS213: Motherhouse Road Trip with the Salesian Sisters of St. John Bosco (2018)
5. Ask Sister - AS200: Motherhouse Road Trip with the Poor Clares of Montana (2017)
6. Ask Sister - AS216: Motherhouse Road Trip with the Benedictine Sisters of Cullman, Alabama (2019)
7. Ask Sister - AS211: Evangelization cafe, afraid of afterlife, why not be a nun, can faith sneak up on you (2018)
8. Ask Sister - AS207: Motherhouse Road Trip with the Sisters of Saint Francis of the Holy Cross in Green Bay, Wisconsin (2018)
9. Ask Sister - AS212: Motherhouse Road Trip with the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon (2018)
10. Ask Sister - AS209: Signs of a Vocation, DIY Vows, Foundresses, Online Training to Become a Nun (2018)
11. Ask Sister - AS198: Motherhouse Road Trip with the Adorers of the Blood of Christ, in Wichita, Kansas (2017)
12. Ask Sister - AS194: Motherhouse Road Trip with the Little Sisters of the Poor in Mobile, Alabama (2017)
13. Ask Sister - AS227: Life after the Novitiate, convent vs. a plain old house, fasting in Lent, where to find nun notecards (2020)
14. Ask Sister - AS206: Motherhouse Road Trip with the Congregation of Notre Dame, Prince Edward Island, Canada (2018)
15. RNC: Living your vocation one day at a time (2018)

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