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Blog Published: July 12, 2021
By The Nuns
Firing up the microphones by celebrating the first 15 podcasts by A Nun's Life Ministry

The microphones are fired up as the spotlight shines upon the last round of our “first 15 podcasts” in celebration of the ministry’s 15-year anniversary. We hope you love these next five as much as we do!

In 2010, Sr. Maxine Kollasch and Sr. Julie Vieira continued taking listener questions during the Ask Sister podcast but to give it an interesting twist, they began hosting guest Sisters. This brought even greater insights into the questions and certainly a lot more laughter! On AS011, you’ll hear from Sr. Nancy Lee Smith, IHM who is an iconographer, and on AS012, Sr. Camille Brouillard, IHM. The sisters delve deep as they respond to questions about trusting God, calling a nun sweetheart, the daily life of sisters and nuns, finding your calling, and disappointing God.

After the first 15 podcasts, the sisters did not grow weary of the challenges to expand their programming and listener base but instead grew increasingly energized by the opportunity of podcasting year after year sharing their nun-wisdom. Today, the ministry maintains the Ask Sister podcast where Sr. Maxine and Sr. Shannon Schrein, OSF, continue to answer listener questions, as well as the In Good Faith podcast where Sr. Maxine interviews sisters from all over the United States who are involved in social justice work ranging from Immigration to Human Trafficking to Homelessness and more.

To date, we have had over 670 podcasts and more than 1.6 million downloads and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon! We encourage your weekly visit to our website or your favorite podcast player for the latest podcast by A Nun's Life Ministry, but in the meantime, pop in your earbuds and take a trip down memory lane with these fabulous podcasts:
Ask Sister 11: 01/24/2010
Ask Sister 12: 01/29/2010
Ask Sister 13: 02/05/2010
Ask Sister 14: 02/12/2010
Ask Sister 15: 02/19/2010

If you’re more of a podcast “super-listener, check out the full list of podcasts on our website or subscribe to our podcasts on Apple Podcasts!  

In case you missed the first two blogs celebrating our first 15 Podcasts, check them out here:
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